24 Fabulous, Fun, Free Printable Games!

24 Free Games to Print & Play #mosswoodconnections #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame

There’s a game for every child in this awesome collection of free printable games!

“Life is more fun if you play games.” ~Roald Dahl

The Benefit of Board Games

During this time of uncertainty, families are looking for ways to keep their children happy and busy at home. Stay-at-home orders have challenged many families as they search for ways to keep their children active and learning. On the flip side, parents are stressed as they try to juggle their adult responsibilities with entertaining and educating their children. We are hoping to make that task a little easier with this collection of free printable board games.

There are so many benefits that come from playing board games. Playing board games teaches turn-taking skills, co-operation, and focus. It fosters a feeling of togetherness as groups share the enjoyment of spending time with each other. Board games help develop cognitive and problem-solving skills. Educational skills are often an integral part of the game leading children to learn while they are having fun. (It’s one of our sneaky ways of getting kids to enjoy academics.) Playing board games can reduce also stress; there are so many good reasons to encourage group playtime.

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24 Fabulous, Fun, Free Printable Games! #mosswoodconnections  #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame

Printable Board Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

Try these super cute games that are perfect for young children! Just print out the games and play!

PRINTABLE BOARD GAMES FOR PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN #mosswoodconnections  #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame #preschool #kindergarten

Games That Develop Social-Emotional Skills

Some of our most popular activities are games that focus on feelings and developing social skills. All of these games were created for our community of children with special needs. Kids of all types love these printable games!

  • How Am I Feeling Social Skills Game: This printable game is so fun the whole family will want to play. It is also a perfect activity for social skills groups and mixed groups of kids. The object is to guess the feeling that the player is acting out. It gets a little tricky though because the words they say may not match the feeling.
  • Mental Health Scavenger Hunt: Parents are looking for ways to help their children deal with the stress that the shutdown is causing. This is an active scavenger hunt that encourages children to do activities that will help them calm down and destress.
  • Emotions Scavenger Hunt: Kids love scavenger games and they are a great way to keep the kids busy and active. This Emotions Scavenger Hunt is a great way to build emotional awareness, perspective taking, whole body listening, and social skills.
  • A Brood of Chicks Learning Games & Crafts: We were asked to create a game that taught children about collective nouns. As play therapists, we like to sneak social-emotional activities whenever we can so this game combines feelings and academics in one fun game!
Games That Develop Social-Emotional Skills #mosswoodconnections  #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame #socialemotional

Educational Games for Students of All Ages.

  • Printable Monster Match Game:  Memory games are so easy to set up and play and they help develop visual-perception skills and working memory. The monsters on the printable cards are so stinking cute, don’t be surprised if the kids want to use them for pretend games, too.
  • Free Printable Sight Word Game: Playing a sight word game will help your child learn their Dolch sight words while having fun which means they are much more likely to remember them! The printable board that Brain Power Family created is so attractive and easy to customize.
  • CVC Rhyming Words Board Game: CVC words are some of the first words kindergartners learn to read after mastering the alphabet. This CVC Rhyming Words Board Game is the perfect way to help them feel comfortable reading these simple words while building on rhyming skills.
  • 4 DIY Busy Box Matching Games: The idea behind this game was to pack in as many skills while the kids have fun. This game incorporates oral motor (blowing through a straw), gross motor, and cognitive skills like matching, recognizing shapes and numbers, and reading skills. Best of all, you can play with mixed ages and skill levels!
  • Ridiculous Reading Phonics Game: This Ridiculous Reading Phonics Game was made with Dr. Seuss in mind. Have silly, good fun combining sounds to see if they make a real word or not.
  • Printable Reading Comprehension Game: Many of our students struggle with focus and reading comprehension. This active reading game gives them a puzzle to solve as they read the story filled with important clues.
  • Vocabulary Games for Elementary Students: Predictably, learning vocabulary is usually not a student’s favorite activity. Bingo games are a great way to keep it fun, download the free Vocabulary Bingo Game for Third Graders.
PRINTABLE EDUCATIONAL GAMES FOR STUDENTS OF ALL AGES #mosswoodconnections  #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame

Boredom Buster Games for Kids

  • Indoor & Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Send the kids out for a scavenger hunt!
  • I Spy Road Trip Bingo: Many families will be taking road trips this year. Whenever you have to spend more than 15 minutes in the car, with kids, you know you better come prepared! These I Spy Road Trip Bingo Cards are easy to prepare and lots of entertainment for your kids
  • Free Printable LEGO Challenge Game: Artsy-Fartsy Mama made a free printable LEGO Challenge Game that also allows for open-ended creative play. Just spin the wheel and follow the prompt for inspiration. Whatever you can imagine, you can build, rebuild, and play with all day.
  • Free Printable Snakes and Ladders Game: Kids love to play Snakes and Ladders and thanks to Itsy Bitsy Fun you can print out your own game and customize it for more creative fun
  • Let’s Be Fit Board Game: Games that combine being active with taking turns are simply brilliant. This game is perfect for when your kids have a lot of energy and no place to let it out!
  • Disney Charades Game: This game is for all the Disney fans out there. Can’t get to the amusement park? Bring Disney home by playing charades! This is an easy game for groups to do via virtual meetings

We hope you, your family and friends enjoy the games here. Our goal is for children to laugh as they learn!

BOREDOM BUSTER GAMES FOR KIDS #mosswoodconnections  #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame
24 Free Games to Print & Play! #mosswoodconnections  #education #literacy #boardgame #freeprintablegame


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