Mosswood Connections is the creation of a couple of play therapists who have had success in encouraging significant progress by using positive reinforcement and targeted skill building through play. Between the two of us, we have over 40 years of experience working with children, This website was created to share that knowledge with others who are striving to help children to grow, learn and thrive. Read what others have to say about us. Be sure to also stop by and visit us on Facebook and Pinterest!

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After attending college Shelah took some time off to raise her daughter. When she moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1990 she began working for The Family Program for New Beginnings, receiving three years of training in play-based intervention services for children on the autistic spectrum. In 1993 Shelah began to work privately with clients. Her clients have included children on the autism spectrum, anxiety disorders and learning disabilities.

Over the years Shelah has gained experience with sensory integration, floor time, RDI, Lindamood-Bell and vision exercises. Shelah has extensive knowledge in teaching and integrating social skills for children of all ages and functioning levels. She has developed and run comprehensive programs for her clients and worked with other therapists and para-professionals as part of a team with the parents and families of the children. Shelah believes that every child can improve their quality of life by scaffolding skills with the proper support. Many of the children that she has worked with have benefited by targeting and tailoring their program to best fit their particular needs and strengths. When not at work Shelah enjoys travel, new experiences and spending time with her family.

Sarah of Mosswood Connections



Sarah was born in Nicaragua and grew up in New Orleans. After a successful stint in sales, Sarah felt that she that she wanted to do something more meaningful and decided to move to California, where she began working with children on the autism spectrum. Her first experience was working at a school for children age 6-22 where she worked one on one teaching life skills with a focus on goal setting and attainment within the student's program. She then worked for an agency where she gained knowledge in facilitating peer interaction in mainstream settings as well as working as a team member developing home programs.

For the past 12 years Sarah has worked as a private provider specializing in inclusion services where she has helped children navigate and succeed in a mainstream environment; fully included in all activities with positive peer relationships. Some of her former clients are now attending middle and high school with no special services. Sarah has also gained experience and skills with vision exercises, sensory integration, cognitive development and higher order thinking skills. While working with her young clients has been wondrous and gratifying she considers parenting to be her most important achievement. Introducing her son to a world full of curiosity, creativity and constant learning opportunities has been her greatest joy.

Sarah is a world traveler. She volunteers in her community as well as internationally and has spent her vacations volunteering for an orphanage and for Habitat for Humanity.

Beth Harmon Speech Therapist



Beth Harmon has over ten years of experience in the field of special education. In 2007, she earned a Masters degree from Boston University in Speech and Language Pathology. During that time she interned and later worked at the "Ely Center" in Newton, MA, a private practice for higher functioning students with Autism with pragmatic language and social skills needs.

After graduation, Beth worked for 5 years at the Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE) in Santa Clara, CA as a Speech and Language Pathologist. She is currently working with a wide range of clients across a variety of settings. Beth is passionate about helping students communicate effectively in social situations, as well as helping them find the joy and desire to form bonds with peers and adults using effective communication strategies. She is dedicated to integrating technology across her therapy practice as a means to increase her client's independence in communication. Her hobbies include running, cycling and yoga.

Our Contributor Amber



Amber is a California native who, after working in administrative jobs for 9 years, decided to pursue a degree in nutrition. Healthy living, cooking, and eating had been an interest for her since her teenage years, so she wanted to work in a field that would allow her to help others live healthfully. She is a registered dietitian who earned her B.S. degree from University if Northern Colorado in 2010, and completed her supervised practice in 2013.

Of the many projects and volunteer experiences she has participated in since she began studying nutrition, working with children is the type she has enjoyed the most. A firm believer in the prevention of nutrition related problems, she enjoys working in the community to promote wellness. Amber believes that by involving children in the learning process through play and a hand-on environment, children will be more inclined and even excited to want to learn about healthy cooking and eating. IN her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking, and exercising.

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