The Best Games and Toys for Family Game Night

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Family Game Night

Find the Perfect Gift for Every Child

Our inspiration for all of our gift guides for Family Game Night comes from our own children and the children we work with. When L. found out he would be going to a new school (again) he was excited but nervous. He worried about fitting in and making new friends. We know that one of the best ways to make new friends is to have fun together. Shared enjoyment builds relationships and brings people together. So we decided to organize Friday Fun Days. We sent out an open invitation to the families of his new classmates to meet at a park to play games.

It was a total success! The families got to know each other, the kids made friends with each other and we found some awesome games and toys that have been kid-tested and approved.

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The Ultimate Collection of Gift Guides for Kids including the Best Toys and Games for Groups of Kids #Giftsforkids #mosswoodconnections #holidays #giftguides

Family Game Night For Kids of All Ages


Appealing to Children's Sense of Humor

The Sock Game is a Hilarious Family Game for Kids Aged 8 and Up.  It's silly sensory play as the players scramble to find the object they need. Fill the two socks with the crazy items included. Spin the arrow to see which object you need to find.

Connect 4 Shots Game is an active version of the popular game Connect 4. Great for those kids who don't like to sit still for too long. Players have to bounce the balls in to win. Good for children Ages 6+.

Don't Step In It is sure to appeal to the younger set's sense of humor. Mold the play dough into poop, blindfold the children and spin to see how many steps they need to take through the poo path. I mean, really, the kids get to say poo, step in poo and laugh together about this silly sensory game. Good for children Ages 4+.

Toys and Games That Get the Kids Moving!

Ultra Dash is a toy that I have been using in therapy for years. It's perfect for play dates and the kids don't even know that they are developing listening skills and following directions as they play. Good for Ages 5+

Kids everywhere play some version of the hot lava game. The Floor is Lava! Interactive Board Game for Kids and Adults (Ages 5+) Fun Party, Birthday, and Family Play | Promotes Physical Activity | Indoor and Outdoor Safe makes it easy to set up and play Hot Lava anywhere. It's a good game for groups of mixed ages. Ages 4+.

I love the game Fat Brain Toys Sturdy Birdy and the kids thought it was super fun to see others do the poses. Roll the dice to determine where on your body to balance the seed bag and for how long you must hold the pose. Everybody counts while you try your best not to fall! Sturdy Birdy challenges your child on a physical level while encouraging counting skills, self-esteem, and more! Ages 5+

Kids love scavenger hunts and the gofindit - Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Card Game Families is easy to set up and fun to play. You can take it anywhere for a great "on the go" game. Ages 3+

STEM Toys That Kids Can Play Together

Boy Craft Catapult Wars by Horizon Group USA is good for girls and boys. The Kids can take pride in creating their own custom catapult and once the catapults are built, take aim at the opposing target and fire off mini bean bags to win the war. Create 2 separate catapults and create teams to strategize and see who will win the battle! Great for children Ages 8+.

Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment "Escape rooms are exciting immersion experiences in which participants are challenged to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes in under an hour if they want to escape. Now you and your friends can play the ultimate escape game at home—and the heat is on! A mad scientist is plotting to turn you and your friends into werewolves. Only if you and your team members can solve 19 2D and 3D puzzles in an hour will you be able to escape with your humanness intact! You'll have to work as a team—so put your heads together and let's see if you can escape. And there's help from the outside: players can connect with Amazon Alexa to enhance the game play of Escape Room in a Box: the Werewolf Experiment! Good luck!" Ages 10+

Ultimate Slime Kit -DIY- Make Glow-In-The Dark, Color Changing, Clear Glitter Slime - Over 10 Recipes & Experiments, Fun & Educational Gift Idea! Kids just love slime so why not have slime making day with the kids? Make super cool glow-in-the-dark slime, clear goo slime, color-changing slime, and glitter slime, and more! Ages 7+

LEGO Games the Kids Can Play Together

LEGO combined with Harry Potter? What could be better? Designed to enchant Harry Potter fans of all ages, the Harry Potter Hogwarts LEGO Game allows you to build your very own Potter-themed game board. This family-friendly board game pits up to four players against each other, in a race to turn in their homework first. Along the way, players will have to face shifting stairs, secret passageways, and wizard duels. And since the game board is fully customizable, every single play-through is a new experience. Ages 8-14.

Kids who like to play Guess Who will really enjoy the What Am I? Buildable LEGO Guessing Game. Kids age 7 and up can play without adult help. Younger children may need some help to build the game board.

LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3920 is buildable game with a fun twist on a memory game for 2 to 4 players. The game is all about finding the missing Dwarves who have gotten lost in Hobbiton, using hints left by Gandalf the Grey and some Hobbits to help you search. If you are up to the challenge you can transform the board during the game, testing your memory skills to the max. Once the board is built it is easy to store and quick to take out to play again. Ages 7+.

 The Ultimate Collection of Gift Guides for Kids including the Best Toys and Games for Groups of Kids #Giftsforkids #mosswoodconnections #holidays #giftguides

The Ultimate KBN Collection of Gift Guides for Kids

Make your shopping easy this holiday season and be sure to check out all these amazing gift guides.

Fabulous Gift Guides from Mosswood Connections

 The Ultimate Collection of Gift Guides for Kids including the Best Toys and Games for Family Game Night #Giftsforkids #mosswoodconnections #holidays #giftguides



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