Unusual and Unique Toys and Games That the Kids Will Love!

Unusual and Unique Toys and Games That the Kids Will Love! #mosswoodconnections #education #learningthroughplay #giftguide

Learning Through Playing with Unique Toys and Games

We love finding new and unique toys and games for kids of all ages! If you have stopped by here before you know that we encourage children to gain new skills by learning through play. Over the years we have played games for countless hours. The trick is finding board games that have educational value and that we don’t mind playing over and over again. So we went on a quest for unusual and unique toys and games that both kids and adults can enjoy playing together. We think that we found some real winners!

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 Unusual and Unique Toys and Games That the Kids Will Love! #mosswoodconnections #education #learningthroughplay #giftguide

Unique Toys and Games that Incorporate Movement into a Game

The Yoga Garden Game is designed for having fun with one another rather than against each other. Since many yoga positions are named after animals and objects found in nature, kids can use their imaginations while learning different poses. No winners or losers in this game, everyone just has fun!

To extend the game: Have the kids invent their own yoga poses

The Twangled Game is an updated version of Twister. On your turn, kick the spinner and perform the action as indicated without letting go of the bands. For example, if a player spins “Under Green,”that player must move his or her entire body underneath a green band. The player may have to do other necessary moves to get under the green band, such as step over a yellow band. If using more than one of a band color, you must perform your action on the band furthest from you. Once a player has completed the action, play passes to the person on the left, who then kicks the spinner and performs his or her required action. Once each player has taken 2 turns (kicked the spinner twice), your team is fully Twangled! Ages 6 years and up.

To extend the game: Cooperate together to get un-“twangled”.

Incorporate finger dexterity while playing Brain Games Ice Cool Family Board Game. Penguins are running through the school in the first flicking game ever to have pieces which curve and jump! The fun run begins – the rascals are running everywhere and trying to snatch up the fish on the way, but the Hall Monitor is trying to catch each one of them to have some order in the school. Who will be more successful? It’s not just cool, it’s Ice Cool!

Extending the game: Collecting the fish cards is okay, but somewhat silly. Why would the hall monitor not send the penguin back to class? Players still collect the fish tokens, but if they are caught by the hall monitor they must put back a fish every time they are caught.

Adding Nature to Toys and Games

With the Hit The Habitat Trail kids will learn about animals and their environments as you follow the stone trail through the world’s habitats. Draw a Wisdom and Consequence card to learn about environmental hazards and to discover ways in which you can help improve the environment. With every correct answer to an animal or habitat question on the Knowledge cards, you collect one Habitat card. Collect two cards from each habitat to become an Earth Steward and win the game. It’s a fun expedition around the world for family and friends! Ages 8-adult.

To extend the game: Get a large piece of paper and have the children choose to be one animal. Draw the habitat where your animal wants to live.

Family Pastimes Let’s Go Hiking – A Co-operative Hiking and Tracking Game: Armed with just cameras, binoculars & some other equipment, you leave your camp & hike into the park to learn about wildlife. Your goal is to bring back as many photographs as we can of the animals we track and end up at the guest lodge for refreshment. Try to leave the park as undisturbed as possible, maybe leaving only our footprints behind. Before the game ends, you will learn about the wisdom of the woods, its dangers, its plants (both good & nasty), its creatures, large & small, AND ways of tracking that use sound, scent & sight to best advantage. For 2 to 6 players ages 8 through adult.

To extend the fun: Take some plaster of Paris with you on your next hike. Look for animal prints and pour the Plaster of Paris in the animal track to make your model of a paw print.

Connect with nature when you play Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, a cooperative board game
Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game is a cooperative board game that explores healing herbs. Wildcraft teaches 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in first aid situations. (Wildcrafting is the harvesting of wild plants). Players learn about plants by connecting the icon on the challenge or “trouble” cards with the icons on the plant cards. If a player has a “burdock” card in their herb basket and draws a “hungry” card, then the player can turn the cards in and move to the next rest space. Though it is a cooperative game, there is plenty of strategy and drama as players travel up the mountain to the Huckleberry Patch and back to Grandma’s before nightfall. The only way to get back safely is to help each other out. However, it’s ok if you don’t make it. Grandma will come and get you. 🙂 Wildcraft! is a great introduction to the world of edible and medicinal herbs for children of ALL ages. It’s a beautifully illustrated, nature based, educational, cooperative game created in the tradition of the classic board games. Kids love the “Chutes and Ladders” type of play.Wildcraft! features storytelling and fosters the imagination. Ages 6 and up.
To extend the game: Take a walk and see if you can find any of the plants in the game.

STEM For All of Our Kids!

Introduce the concept of inventing and STEM with the Goldie Blox Rules the School! Book

.Kids will love to build and play with their own GoldieBlox Girl Inventor Zipline Action Figure Designed for tinkering and creative exploration, Goldieblox toys build spatial skills and confidence in problem-solving. All Goldieblox toys are compatible.
Perfect for ages 4+

The story behind this GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank is the child was trying to figure out how to give her reluctant dog a bath but I can think of some figures that I would like to dunk. 

To extend the fun: Make up your own story. Have the kids be the inventor hero in their story.

Okay, I’m not sure if this next one is super fun or super annoying. You be the judge.

The Sound and Light Flashlight with Nature Sounds, in Great Outdoors, would be great for a pretend safari.

To extend the game: Place toy animals somewhere dark (Either outside at night or in a dark hallway) Go hunting for the animals with the flashlight.

Get Outside and Play!

The Flickin’ Chicken game appeals to our sense of humor. Fling, bounce, roll or toss a bird with this silly—and highly amusing—rubber chicken game. It’s straightforward: aim your chicken at the included target, and whoever hatches the lowest score after nine rounds is the winner.

Games that Keep it Positive

Totem – The Feel Good Game – The Most Positive Card Game Ever that helps People Against Humanity Smile Again is a perfect and creative team building activity! The totem is built using an animal card – associated with one of your strengths, and a quality card, which describes a quality you have. Both cards are chosen and then explained by the other players. Discover your strengths and qualities as seen through other people’s eyes and imagine your friends telling you, in turn, what they appreciate most about you! Ages 8 and up.

Extending the game: Write the players names on a piece of paper. Draw names and create a totem for the player you chose, then guess who the totem was made for.

Games that Keep it Positive

Temper Tamers In a Jar®: Helping Kids Cool Off and Manage Anger: Learn how to calm down and keep your cool in order to control your temper and express your feelings in positive ways. Ages 8–11

Extending the game: Have the kids come up with their own situations and solutions.

 Unusual and Unique Toys and Games That the Kids Will Love! #mosswoodconnections #education #learningthroughplay #giftguide



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