Bird Study Unit

Bird Study Unit; Free Resources and Activities for Elementary Age Students

Studying birds is a great way for kids to connect with nature. Check out our activities and resources that we have used in a Bird Study Unit.

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Sensory Integration Strategies and Tips

Sensory Integration Strategies and Tips #mosswoodconnections #sensory #autism #SPD

Practical sensory processing tips and suggestions for parents and educators who want to help children stay on task, practice “quiet sitting” and to control their impulses.

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Bedtime Buddies

Bedtime Buddy; DIY Sensory Stuffed Friends #mosswoodconnections #bedtime #finemotor #parenting #sensory

A sensory craft for kids who like to calm down with their favorite “friend”.

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Tell Me What I Said

Tell Me What I Said Listening Game #mosswoodconnections #auditoryprocessing #activelearning #listeningskills

Hearing a story, directions, a list and then being able to repeat it back can be challenging. This game is an easy way you can be teaching children good listening skills.

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Tips for Teaching Social Skills to Kids

Tips for Teaching Social Skills to Kids #mosswoodconnections #autism #activelearning #socialskills #makingfriends

When children can successfully navigate social situations, integrate perspective taking and create lasting relationships they are more productive and well-adjusted.

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Child Led or Child Directed

The Benefits of Child-Directed Play; Encouraging children to build skills by meeting them where they are and leading them joyfully to discover and learn.

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Catherine, Called Birdy

Explore Medieval Times Through Historical Fiction #mosswoodconnections #YAbooks #bookextensionactivities #homeschooling #Medieval #UnitStudy #literacy

Using Historical Fiction to Learn About the Middle Ages. Hands-on activities and study unit.

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