Tissue Paper Water Color Art Project

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

An Art Project to bring out the creativity in children!

We are always looking for ways to use the random craft supplies, like tissue paper, that we have stored away. Somehow we never seem to get to using all those random bits. Life gets so busy with school, sports, play dates and adult responsibilities so when there is an afternoon where nothing is scheduled and we have time to just hang out it feels truly special. On those days, when the little one looks up and says, “Let’s do an art project,” my heart is happy and I am ready to pull out the art supplies and get creative. One day my creativity led us to explore how it would look if we layered tissue paper as a background for the latest of my son's obsessions: whales.

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Tissue Paper Water Color Art Project #mosswoodconnections #tissuepapercrafts #artproject #watercolor

Children build Fine motor skills, Visual planning, and Creativity while they make art!

Materials for Our Unique Art Project:

Instructions for Layering Tissue Paper

  • Cut the tissue paper into strips and layer the strips on the canvas or heavy duty paper.
Making a tissue paper water color creation #mosswoodconnections

Layering the paper

  • Roll the mod podge or glue carefully over the tissue paper strips. Cover the canvas with plastic wrap.
Tissue Paper Covered with Plastic Wrap Water Color Art Project Instructions

Using Plastic Wrap to Give the Picture a Shiny Look

  • Draw a simple picture, young children can use stencils or pre-cut shapes. Watercolor the picture.
  • Allow to dry and then cut out and glue onto the layered background.
 paper roller #mosswoodconnections

Use a Paper Roller to Smooth things Out

Extend the Activity Learn Something New!

A great way to extend this activity would be to have the children research whatever they chose to feature in their picture. Check out our educational online resources and get the kids excited about exploring their interests. We had so much fun learning about whales.

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issue-Paper-Water-Color-Art-Project- #mosswoodconnections


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