What Did I See? Visual Memory Games

Visual Memory Games and Activities to Improve Vision Skills #mosswoodconnections #visualprocessing #visionskills #eyeexercises

The Visual Memory Games included here focus on visual memory and attention. These fun games for the eyes can be made simpler or more complex depending on the level and age of the children.

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A Bunch of Balloon Activities

Fun Learning Games with Balloons! #mosswoodconnections #visiongames #socialskills #grossmotor #sensory

These balloon activities incorporate gross motor, fine motor, visual processing and social-emotional skills while children think they are “just playing”.

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Games for the Eyes that You Can Play Just About Anywhere

Fun and Easy Games for the Eyes that You Can Play Just About Anywhere #mosswoodconnections #visualprocessing #visionskills #eyeexercises

For children who have visual processing deficits, it will be far more motivating to exercise their eyes if they are laughing while they learn. Try these enjoyable visual processing activities that you can do anywhere, anytime.

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Window Tracing

Window Tracing Fine Motor & Vision Game #mosswoodconnections #visionskills #finemotor #preschool

Playing fine motor and vision games will get kids ready for reading and writing. This game is packed with skills yet it is simple enough for young children to do.

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