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Early literacy is a critical part of child development and the more language enrichment you give your child, the better. Read to your children often and present them with a myriad of learning opportunities. Young children respond to rhymes but it is a skill that may not be easy for every child.

We came up with some easy-to-set-up games for you to play with the kids. You can use these activities to teach rhyming words. We have three options: a table time game, a scavenger hunt, and a card game. There’s something for every young reader!

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Game 1: Go Fishing for Rhymes Card Game

Materials: Rhyme Cards


  1. Print out the rhyme cards and cut out the flash words. Or you can have the children practice handwriting by making their own cards.
  2. Deal out half of the cards and put the other half of the cards in the middle.
  3. The rules are the same as Go Fish! The idea is to collect as many rhymes as you can. The player with the most rhyming words wins. Players take turns asking another player if they have a rhyming word. For example: “Do you have a word that rhymes with ‘book’?”
  4. If the other player has that card they give it to the player that asked. If they don’t, they say, “Go fish!” and the player who asked picks a card. Then it’s the next player’s turn to ask.
  5. Play until all the rhymes have pairs.

Game 2: Find the Matching Rhyme


  1. Print out the rhyme cards and rhyme game board. Cut out the flash words.
  2. Give the child one game board and the corresponding rhyming word cards. (The words you want are on the left of the flashcard page)
  3. Have them cover the word with their dot marker when they find the rhyme.
  4. Optional: Play this like Bingo with a group of kids. Choose a rhyming card and the player who has the rhyme covers it with their dot marker. The first player to get all their rhymes wins.


Rhyme Flash Cards

Rhymes Game Boards

Game 3: Rhyming Words Scavenger Hunt


Rhyme Flashcards


  1. Print out the rhyme cards and cut out the flash words.
  2. Hide half the cards around the yard, playground or house.
  3. Give the children the matching cards and have them go looking for the corresponding rhyme.
  4. If you have a group of children you can split them into teams.
  5. After the rhyming words have been found have the kids make up some silly sentences that rhyme.

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