Shapes, Colors, and Numbers Dice Games

Shapes, Colors, and Numbers Dice Games - drawing games that kids can play by rolling the dice. #mosswoodconnections #shapes #colors #drawing #numbers #education #homeschool

Dice games for kids to play that encourage them to learn numbers, colors, and shapes. We had lots of fun drawing shapes and making pictures while counting and adding.

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Get it, Got it, Good!

An Easy Low-Stress Math Facts Activity -This math facts activity takes a lot of the stress away and actually works. #mosswoodconnections #mathfacts #learningthroughplay #education #homeschool

An easy low stress math facts game to help children remember their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts.

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True Aim Active Math Game

True Aim Math Game; An Active Math Game the Kids Love to Play #mosswoodconnections #mathfacts #learningthroughplay #education #homeschool

Get the kids moving while they learn math facts. Active learning helps a child learn new concepts and to retain the new information. This game can be adapted for any age or skill level.

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10+ Card Games for Learning Math Facts

10+ Card Games for Learning Math Facts #mosswoodconnections #mathfacts #learningthroughplay #education #homeschool

With just a Deck of Playing Cards, it’s possible to play all sorts of fun math games. It’s also handy that it’s easy to take the deck of cards with you so you can play anywhere.

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