Kid-Made Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With

Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With #mosswoodconnections #ornaments #picturebooks #TheDaytheCrayonsuit #crafts #holidays

Kid-Made Crayon Ornaments

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We are so excited to create some Kid-made crayon ornaments for the 10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas: Ornaments Inspired by Books online event by Mama Miss.

We were inspired to make these ornaments that can be played with by the book The Day the Crayons Quit!

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Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With  #mosswoodconnections #ornaments #picturebooks #TheDaytheCrayonsuit #crafts #holidays

There are a few reasons that we are excited. Of course, it is so much fun for us to see the ornaments and decorations that others have created and we are always excited to read some books and get inspired. We especially like homemade ornaments and we are obsessed with books. We find that doing book inspired activities make books come alive for children. It strengthens their literacy skills while they have a great time making crafts. The book we chose for this year’s 10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas: Ornaments Inspired by Books event is The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. We love the humor and the message in the book and the crayons are pretty darn cute.

We made two Kid-made crayon ornaments based on the super engaging book The Day the Crayons Quit. The first ornament that we made is a “Look and Find” Ornament. The people in our family like to fidget so we thought that an ornament that could be played with would be fun.

Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With  #mosswoodconnections #ornaments #picturebooks #TheDaytheCrayonsuit #crafts #holidays

To make Look and Find crayon ornaments you will need:

Easy Instructions for Your Look and Find Ornaments

We bought a pack of clear ornaments from the craft store for a couple of dollars.

Then we dyed some rice by putting the rice in a zip-lock bag, adding a few drops of food coloring and shaking. MAKE SURE THE BAGS ARE SECURELY CLOSED. This is a good time to get the kids moving. Have them shake, dance and toss the bags. Pour the rice onto a plate and allow the colored rice time to dry.

Make the tiny crayons. You can make the crayons by rolling small pieces of construction paper or you can print a template for them here.

Using a paper funnel, fill the ornament with the rice and paper crayons. Leave some room in the ornament so that it can be shaken. Put the ornament top back on and you have an interactive LOOK AND FIND ORNAMENT.

 Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With  #mosswoodconnections #ornaments #picturebooks #TheDaytheCrayonsuit #crafts #holidays

Then it was time to make the main characters of the book come alive as decorations.

We made these easy, yet adorable PAPER CRAYON ORNAMENTS.

To make your own crayon ornaments you will need:


Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With  #mosswoodconnections #ornaments #picturebooks #TheDaytheCrayonsuit #crafts #holidays

Easy Instructions for Your Crayon Character Ornaments

  • Print out the crayon template. Then cut out the crayons.
  • Have the kids give the crayons faces.
  • Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Loop the end of one pipe cleaner in the middle of another pipe cleaner. Put the pipe cleaner through the holes that were punched in the paper and tape to the back of the crayon.
  • Roll the paper closed and glue or tape shut. We used very fat markers to help us roll the paper into a crayon shape. Arrange the arms the way you want them and fold the top of the vertical pipe cleaner to make a hook.

The kids had such a great playing with their crayon ornaments. The crayons are incredibly expressive. It was fun to use them to act out The Day the Crayons Quit.

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Crayon Ornaments That You Can Play With  #mosswoodconnections #ornaments #picturebooks #TheDaytheCrayonsuit #crafts #holidays



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