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Get Ready for Spring with These Awesome Outdoor Toys!

After months of rain the sun finally came out and we are ready to go outside and play! My partner, Sarah, moved last summer and she hasn’t had time to get her yard ready for summer playtime. We were talking on the phone and dreaming of all the fun toys she could put outside as an invitation to play and we found some awesome outdoor toys!

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The Vortex Spin Ring is the perfect swing for more than one child. Children can sit, stand, spin, and sway on this swing. Up to four children can fit into this swing making it easy to share and fun to enjoy together.

Hearthsong Outdoor Toys really does have some of the best high-quality outdoor toys designed for kids of all ages to enjoy year after year!

I’m going to admit. I’m not sure if this one is for the kids or for me. I would love to hang out and read a book in this HangOut HugglePod. It even comes with LED lights to give it a more festive effect. It’s a perfect portable hanging play space for camping, beach, overnights at grandmothers.

There are limitless ways for groups of kids to play with this unique outdoor toy. They can hang on to the Wonderwave's durable handles on the frame and rock, bounce, and play or use it as a comfy, giant outdoor lounger to nap or rest. It's the perfect toy for sensory seeking kids!

Kids can have fun—and be active—together with this sturdy and unique trampoline built for two! Oval in shape, each jumper has a circle to jump within and handlebar across the center of the trampoline to share.

"Walking through the forest, we stumbled across a wondrous fairy village. Designed with five different nature themes (Acorn, Honeycomb, Tulip, Pinecone, and Mushroom), each of our Fairy Houses incorporates 360°of intricate woodland details. Now that you have the houses, the fairies are ready to move in! This Fairy Village Special includes all 5 of the themed Fairy Houses and both the girl and boy sets of fairies, resulting in a total of 10 fairies. Made of weather-resistant resin and hand-painted, they are a whimsical addition to any garden or anywhere you want to create an enchanted world. For ages 3 and up."

"HearthSong's rockin' good-time kids' hammock offers ample room for one—or two—kid(s) to rock up and down! It's far more fun than an ordinary hammock, for its specially designed, curving steel rockers offer such a cool gliding ride. Simply lengthen or shorten the support ropes at each end to create the correct weight balance for the number of kids. Made of thick, colorful teslin mesh, it's a boatload of fun. Approx. 130"L x 50"W. Adult assembly required. Maximum weight limit: 300 lbs; patent pending. For ages 6 and up."

The Super Swingball Outdoor Game is great for eye-hand coordination! I like that it is portable. If you have more than one child you can bring this with you when you watch their sporting events. That way the siblings can also be playing while you watch the game.

I’m not the biggest fan of remote control toys. They are great for hand-eye coordination but the kids seem to tire of them quickly. But the Kid Galaxy Mega Morphibians Snake. Amphibious RC Car takes remote control toys to the next level. When you get spring rains the kids can take these cars out and play in the puddles. These durable toys can be played indoors or used outdoors to encourage the kids to spend more time playing outside.

Active Play Gigantic 3 in 1 Net Set with Oversized Accessories is perfect for the backyard, beach, picnics, and parks! Easy set-up and take-down make this a portable playset which can be stored in your trunk for spontaneous games.” By using oversized toys young children and children who are still developing their ball skills will be able to be more successful at playing ball games.

The Rope Climber is great fun for the kids and builds upper body strength. Believe it or not, strengthening the core actually helps children sit still and do pencil and paper tasks at their desks! Another fun feature of this rope climber is that the kids can also use it as a swing!

Live Butterfly Kits start indoors and take the fun outdoors. Children will love the magic of experiencing the life cycle of butterflies and then releasing them out into nature and if you have a butterfly garden the wonder will be intensified.

Flying kites with my grandparents is one of my favorite childhood memories. The Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids Magic Kit Comes with 100% Satisfaction. The kids will find it magical as it soars through the sky.

giant rainbow kite

Climbing is a fun way for kids to get their energy out and it builds so many skills. This Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber – With Rust and UV Resistant Steel – For Kids Ages 3 to 9 will keep the kids happy and active for hours.

If you don’t have sand toys or you need to replenish your supply this Kids Sand Toys Set for Building on Beach or in Sandbox has 15 durable pieces for hours of play.

Now Sarah can’t get all of these toys. It wouldn’t fit with her minimalist lifestyle so she’s going to have to choose just two or three. If you had to choose which ones would you pick?

Our Favorite Outdoor Toys for Kids #mosswoodconnections

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Our Favorite Outdoor Toys for Kids #mosswoodconnections #activeplay #grossmotor #outdoortoys

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