Free Online Educational Resources for Kids


“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time." – Chinese proverb

Over the years we have found many Free Online Educational Resources for Kids.

We bookmark the resources, we link to them on our website, we share them on social media, but somehow we can’t find what we want when we are looking for it. Making our own list of resources so they can be found easily seemed like a good idea to us. We want to share our list with you so your kids can have fun learning and exploring the online world safely. This list primarily includes sites for the kids themselves, although we did include some resources for the adults.  If you have an online resource that you would like to share please let us know in the comments section below!

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Free Online Educational Resources for Kids #homeschooling #mosswoodconnections #education

Online Art Resources:

Explore and expose your kids to art by visiting some of the finest art museums in the world.

Getty Games

Louvre Online tours

Metropolitan Museum of Art Sing-a-Long

Online Art Activities-

Kids can draw, paint and create with these free online art activities.

ABCya Online Paint Activity

Jerry’s Art-Arama Art Lesson Videos

National Gallery of Art Kid’s Art Zone

Free Online Educational Resources for Kids #homeschooling #mosswoodconnections #education

You can go on a virtual trip to the museum!

Computer Coding for Kids:

We found some truly awesome coding sites for kids!


Code Studio



Educational Games & Activities for Kids:

Our kids have a wealth of free online games available to them. If the kids are playing online games, why not make it educational?

Fun Brain

Khan Academy

Knowledge Adventure

National Geographic Kids

PBS Kids

Geography Resources for Kids:

We didn’t realize just how many geography resources there are out there. It’s amazing where your kids can travel without leaving the house!

3D Geography



National Geographic Interactive Globe

Science Kids Geography Page

Free Online Educational Resources for Kids #homeschooling #mosswoodconnections #education

Math Games That Make Learning Math Facts So Much More Fun:

Learning math can be fun. When teaching math, hands-on learning is important, but there are many awesome websites that offer free online games to get kids excited about math and to reinforce math skills.

Cool Math

Cool Math 4 Kids

Kids Numbers

Math Playground

Primary Games

Prodigy (Thanks 3Dinosaurs for the tip. )

Reading Games:

Reading books with kids and playing reading games is one of our favorite activities. Kids will also enjoy learning with computer games.  These online games will help build reading skills while the kids think they are getting away with screen time. 

Free Rice Vocabulary Game

Kindergarten Reading Games

Mr. Nussbaum!

Smart Tutor

Smarty Games


Teach Your Monster to Read (You have to register, but it’s worth it!)

Science Games & Information:

There are so many fun ways to explore science. Kids will enjoy these free online science games.

Game for Science

Nasa Kids Club

Science Kids

Science Museum

Sheppard Software

Social Studies:

Here are some great sites that have interactive activities for students to explore history.

Kids Past

Oregon Trail

Power My Learning

The Teacher’s Cafe

Free Online Educational Resources for Kids #homeschooling #mosswoodconnections #education

Resources, Activities, and Games for Special Needs:

Kids with special needs are often drawn to computer games; why not have them learn while they play?



Dr. Gallaway vision Games

Ed by Design

Special Needs Games Online

Vision Therapy Blog

Your Life Your Voice (Mental health site for teenagers)

Educational Videos for Kids:

Watch Know Learn

YouTube Video Links for Social Skills

Writing Activities for Kids:

Looking for ways to get the kids excited about writing? Check out these engaging, interactive writing sites.

Captain Underpants Comic

Squigly’s Playhouse Mad Libs

The Story Kitchen

The Story Starter

Writing A-Z

All of these online resources are fantastic but kids also need hands-on learning activities. We have an awesome hands-on resource for you.

Check out Learn With Play: 150+ Ideas for Year-round Fun & Learning

This book has some of the best hands-on learning activities you will find.

The Games We Play and Why: the Benefits of Educational Board Games

The Ultimate Guide on How to Instill a Growth Mindset in Your Child

Ancient Egypt Study Unit

Free Online Educational Resources for Kids #homeschooling #mosswoodconnections #education

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