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Shelah Moss and Sarah Homewood have years of experience working with kids with special needs.  They are wonderfully talented at finding activities that get through to kids with social challenges.

This site has a wealth of great techniques for engaging any child. The activities are fun and therapeutic.  Some of them were designed for my daughter, but I think she’d have loved to do any of them.

I think this site is great inspiration for parent or therapist working with a child on the autistic spectrum or other special needs.

Florida Frenz’s mom

Shelah came into our lives when my son was three. At that time, he had significant developmental and speech delays as well as severe sensory issues. Although he was receiving one-on-one speech and OT, he needed someone to teach him how to connect with his peers and to help him find his place in the world. Shelah became that person- and so much more.  She was his one-to-one aide during pre-school as well as his lunchtime aide throughout elementary school.  Shelah integrated sensory-regulating OT with academic learning which allowed my child to be educated in a mainstream classroom.  Additionally, she worked with his classroom aide in developing and implementing a long-term plan of self-advocacy.  She taught my son how to play and introduced and fostered friendships on the playground.  She reinforced these friendships by suggesting and supervising play dates outside of school.  My son is now a fully mainstreamed honor roll sophomore in public high school who has friends.  Shelah continues to be a presence in his life as a mentor/friend. She remains in my life as a close friend and invaluable parenting advisor. 

 Sarah G.

Shelah Moss has worked with my twins for the last 14 years; one has auditory processing issues and the other is severely delayed due to his rare syndrome.  Shelah has become an integral part of our educational and developmental team for my two sons.  She has been there every step of the way and advised me on IEP’s, attended each meeting with the twins’ teachers, evaluated their classrooms and the teachers working with them.  I do not attend meetings with school administrators without Shelah and I am so thankful she has become a part of our lives.  Her knowledge and experienced has been invaluable.

        Kathleen King

        CEO Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County

        Previous Mayor of Saratoga 2005 and 2010

        Parent of five

Sarah is one of those amazing people who is inherently calm and patient. This quality makes her ideally suited for working with especially challenging and anxious children. She was able to teach my child many life skills by breaking each task into manageable steps. Sarah was also invaluable in finding and suggesting ways for my son to transition between activities (which is a huge challenge for the special needs child). Sarah and I also share the joy of having become mothers through adoption.

Sarah G.


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