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Is your child’s stuff taking over your house? Here is one way you can preserve the memories without being buried in their creations.

Our Life in Books: Turn Treasured Memories into Photo Books

Last week I thinned out Layton’s wardrobe. As I was going through his chest of drawers I found a sack of gems that my Mom bought for him on an outing to one of the California missions. I hadn’t seen those gems in several years and I hadn’t thought about that lovely day in a long time, but seeing those gems brought back so many memories and at that moment I realized that while I was willing to part with these long-forgotten treasures, I didn’t want to lose the memories attached to them, so I photographed them.

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Our Life in Books: Turn Treasured Memories into Photo Books #parenting #mosswoodconnections

Preserve Your Memories for Years to Come

A few months ago I found this awesome little company in Utah that prints your Instagram and or FaceBook feed into cute little books. Each volume has 60 pages and they sell for $8. You can also make custom books which we’ve done for our family vacations and birthdays. Another way that I plan on using this service is by photographing items that trigger memories such as the gems, and putting them in a dedicated ‘memory trigger book’. The idea is that by photographing that memory charged item, I can still donate it without losing the memory. I gave away sooooo much stuff this summer and my only regret is that I didn’t have this idea sooner as I know that I’ve let many memories slip away.

We love our little Chatbooks and it makes me so happy when I see my son snuggled up on the couch with his stack of books, smiling as he looks through the books and reads the stories and sentiment behind the photographs.

If you’d like to start a subscription download the free Chatbook app and be sure to use my discount code FLXLKWYJ and you’ll receive your 1st book free.


Our lives in books #mosswoodconnections

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