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Decorating a Halloween Pumpkin Art Project With Things Found in Nature

We like to play, we like to create and we like to spend time outdoors. Whenever you go out with your children take the time to look around, find new things, be curious. This pumpkin came from one of those walks. We had gone to the pumpkin patch, bought our pumpkins and went on a nature walk. Soon we were inspired to use our natural treasures for a pumpkin art project.

As we walked we noticed all the beautiful leaves and acorns so we collected them and brought them home with the pumpkin. When we got home I put all the treasures in a pile and provided glue and toothpicks, stood back and watched the kids create a pumpkin art project. As you can see in the picture the kids got inspired to collect other random materials to add. I think the finished product is fabulous and because we decorated the pumpkin rather than carving it, it lasted quite a bit longer.

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An invitation to learn through making a pumpkin art project

While the kids are playing they are also learning. While learning through play kids are able to mature emotionally, develop social and cognitive skills, and gain self-confidence. The beauty of this pumpkin art project is that there are many skills that can be built into this activity:

  • Visual Scanning: Dump the decorations in a pile. Choose one item for the child to look for like acorns or berries. Take turns finding different items. Then decorate with the things that you found.
  • Categories: Put all the nature decorations in a pile and have the children sort them into categories.
  • Observational Skills: Ask how things look different during the different seasons. Talk about what you see in the fall.
  • Fine Motor: Decorating the pumpkin requires fine motor but you can add more: Challenge the child to gather as many small objects, like acorns, in their hand using only their thumb and forefinger. (pincer fingers)
  • Social Skills: With a group of children have them gather their “nature supplies” for a friend. Ask them what will their friend like? Then have them give the “nature supplies” to a friend.
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