Do You Suffer from Leaky Brain Syndrome?

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A humorous take on the effects that parenting has on the brain.

What is Leaky Brain Syndrome you ask?

Leaky Brain Syndrome is a chronic condition where details and other useful information just seem to leak from your brain. Some of these details are more important than others. I will give you some examples: I was suffering from Leaky Brain Syndrome (LBS) when I went to the grocery store to buy chicken for dinner. When I unloaded my car I brought in all the groceries except the chicken, which was discovered hours later. We had pizza that night.

Some details that leak can be more important than others, like the time I was a half hour late to a client just because I had the wrong time stuck in my head. That was not good.

Other occurrences of LBS are just funny. Like when my mother-in-law dropped off a poinsettia on our front doorstep along with a tissue paper package beautifully tied with a ribbon. There was nothing inside the pretty package, but we did get some nice tissue paper to re-use.

Are You Suffering from Leaky Brain Syndrome? #parenting #mosswoodconnections

Causes of Leaky Brain Syndrome in Parents:

LBS can occur to all busy people, but it is particularly virulent during certain times and situations:

  • LBS is frequently experienced by parents of children under the age of five.
  • LBS will occur in times of stress.
  • LBS is prevalent in parents with sick children.
  • LBS often attacks working women.
  • LBS can happen during the holidays when everyone is way too busy.
  • Parents of children of any age can often experience LBS.

Symptoms of Leaky Brain Syndrome:

As discussed before, the main symptom of LBS is forgetting details but it can also cause a temporary lack of intelligence.

  • Forgetfulness is a common symptom.
  • Normally organized people suddenly become disorganized.
  • Cooking mistakes are often made, even by the best cooks. Like the time I forgot the package of gizzards inside the turkey. Yes, I roasted an entire turkey without removing that little package. Don’t tell my guests!)
  • Mail is sent without a stamp.
  • You say more stupid things than normal.

So what can be done you ask?

Treatment for Leaky Brain Syndrome:

Really effective treatment has not yet been discovered, but here are some things that you can do to alleviate the symptoms:

  • Write lists.
  • Actually read the lists!
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Get help and support from others.
  • Hide under the blankets until the leaking stops.

What we really need is a cure! Let’s all join together to eradicate Leaky Brain Syndrome. GoFundly accounts should be set up, a full social media campaign should be implemented to raise funds to stop LBS. The funds can be used to pay for personal assistants, massages, and retreats for busy people suffering from LBS.

Have you ever experienced Leaky Brain Syndrome?

This article was written with the tongue firmly planted in the cheek. There are some people who believe that LBS can actually occur due to Leaky Gut Syndrome: Consumer Health Digest.  We do not wish to offend anyone who may actually suffer from a brain inflammation.

Are You Suffering from Leaky Brain Syndrome? #parentinghumor #mosswoodconnections

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