Child Led or Child Directed

The Benefits of Child-Directed Play; Encouraging children to build skills by meeting them where they are and leading them joyfully to discover and learn.

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Wildflower Seed Bombs

Wildflower Seed Bombs- a Sensory Garden Project #mosswoodconnections #gardeningwithkids #seedbombs #sensory #Valentine's

A lesson in plant science, a sensory integration exercise, creating an experience that makes the world a more beautiful place.

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What Did I See? Visual Memory Games

Visual Memory Games and Activities to Improve Vision Skills #mosswoodconnections #visualprocessing #visionskills #eyeexercises

The Visual Memory Games included here focus on visual memory and attention. These fun games for the eyes can be made simpler or more complex depending on the level and age of the children.

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Play-Dough Press

Play-Dough Press a fun way to work on a variety of vision skills as well as having the added sensory benefits of handling play-dough.

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Hands-on and play-based activities for all children no matter their age or…

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About Us

Mosswood Connections is the creation of a couple of play therapists who…

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